VIDEO: BLACKENED Original & Cask Strength


This sommelier-led virtual tasting features two innovative American whiskies from BLACKENED® that showcase how this brand uniquely utilizes black brandy finishing and Metallica-fueled sonic enhancement to create truly one-of-a-kind bourbon/rye blends. With special guest, BLACKENED master distiller and blender Rob Dietrich.

Blackened Original

This super-premium blend comes from Rob Dietrich’s most prized rye and bourbon stocks. With an average age of 8 years, they are finished in black brandy casks, then sonic-enhanced using a proprietary BLACK NOISE™ process. The sweetness of the bourbon is balanced by the savory, spicy notes of rye with just a hint of dark fruit from the brandy casks.

Blackened Cask Strength

Bottled at full-strength straight from the barrel (which will typically be around 110 to 117 proof), the nose offers burnt caramel, honey, and oak while the palate leans more toward baking spices, dark fruit, and even mint. Remaining balanced despite the heat, it finishes long and smooth with creamy hints of butterscotch taffy.



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