Winter 2018: Top 20 & More

Explore the Top 20 whiskies of 2018, including the Whisky of the Year, and plan to make 2019 your best whisky year yet. Take a trip to France, where innovative distillers are crafting amazing single malts and other styles. Pull back the veil on private-label whiskies from big box stores and find out which bottles offer the best bang for your buck.

Fall 2018: The Smoke Lovers’ Issue

Go deep into the peat bog with our guide to exploring all the nuances of smoky whisky, from its gentlest examples to the heaviest hitters. Learn why you really love—or really hate—peaty drams. Learn to pair whisky and cigars, and discover the American distillers smoking grains with native woods for unique, exciting flavors.

Summer 2018: Travel & Adventure

Make whisky a part of your next adventure, whether it’s surfing, fishing, or exploring America’s national parks. Plan a quick trip to Canada, which makes amazing whiskies that never leave the country, and discover Speyside, Scotland’s premier single malt region. Find out the techniques that make blended Irish whiskeys so delicious, and get an insider’s take on the best bargain bourbons.

Spring 2018: The Innovation Issue

Whisky has never been more exciting than it is right now. Meet the innovators who are transforming what’s in the glass, from producers using “alternative aging” methods to distillers experimenting with grains, smoking, blending, and more. Travel the globe with whiskies from Australia, Iceland, Corsica, Indonesia, and beyond—and zero in on the best single malts from Scotland’s coastal regions.

Winter 2017: Top 20 & More

Discover the Top 20 most exciting whiskies of 2017, take a look back at a year full of whisky, and then set your sights ahead to more whisky in the year to come. Find out which American whiskeys you should be collecting now, and explore the single malts of India and craft distilleries of Japan.

Fall 2017: Collecting Whisky & More

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, go deep into the world of whisky auctions, collecting, and rarities. Learn how to spot a fake, get tips on how to find vintage spirits on store shelves, and discover a collectible whisky for every budget.

Summer 2017: Bourbon Boom & More

Take a deep dive into the past, present, and future of America’s native spirit, and make bourbon a focus this summer with cocktail recipes and food pairings. Plus, get to know the legends of bourbon distilling, find our recommendations for the country’s top whisky bars, and explore the nuances of peat.

Spring 2017: Awards & More

Our whisky awards are back for their 23rd year, with top whisky picks from around the world. Plus, learn to navigate the Scotch distilleries of Orkney, appreciate and understand the influence of oak, mix a better Manhattan, and track down rare bourbon.

Winter 2016: Travel to Ireland & More

Discover Ireland’s whiskey renaissance! Our guide has recommendations for the best pubs, restaurants, golf, and more on the Emerald Isle. Plus, find information on wheated bourbons to rival even Pappy, cocktail recipes perfect for winter sports and single malt enthusiasts, and a look into the rebellious new distillers shaping American whiskey.

Fall 2016: Islay Travel & More

Pack your bags and head to Islay, home to renowned distilleries and legendary hospitality. Plus, discover new American whiskey hotspots, go behind the scenes at the country’s premier still manufacturer, and tuck into whiskey barrel-aged foods.

Summer 2016: Enjoying Whisky & More

Learn how to get more out of your whisky from the first sip to the last drop, and get tips for buying, storing, and more. Plus, discover summer whisky cocktails, bottled-in-bond bourbon, and an in-depth breakdown of the still—and much more.

Spring 2016: Bourbon Country & More

Plan your next trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and brush up on the state of America’s native spirit—including the reasons it costs more these days. Plus, look into the future of Japanese and Scotch whiskies, ride along Scotland’s whisky route in a vintage sports car, and discover which whiskies were awarded best in class in 2015.