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96 points

Sazerac Rye, 18 year old, 1983, 45%

Deep amber color. Bold and surprisingly youthful aromas, and quite vibrant for its age-huge spicy notes (mint, cinnamon, vanilla, anise, freshly ground pepper), with rich toffee, caramel and background fruit. Rich, enveloping body. Enormous in flavor, with youthful dynamic spices (mint, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper), wrapped in rich toffee and molasses, tamed by mature oak and leather notes. The flavors intensify on the palate, ultimately reaching a crescendo. The boldness of the spices and maturity of age dovetail perfectly. Its finish is very satisfying and seemingly eternal.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

94 points

W. L. Weller 19 year old, 1982, 45%

Antique amber color. Mature aromas of candied fruit, ripe berries, and black currants, nicely interwoven with toffee, dates, vanilla, and almonds. Reminiscent of aromas found in a candy shop. Fairly rich body, and smooth. Nice balance of flavors, witha gentle sweetness and oaky dryness throughout. An even-keeled whiskey. There are notes of candied fruit, ripe berries, vanilla, marzipan, and dates, with suggestions of sweet corn, vanilla, charcoal, and cinnamon. Becoming dry with a mature finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

93 points

Eagle Rare 17 year old 1984, 45%

Deep amber color. Rich, mature aroma of molasses, maple syrup, and leather, with background notes of creamy vanilla, tobacco, and subtle mint. Full, thick, mouth-coating body. Sweet up front (molasses, maple syrup, rich toffee, candied fruit), becoming spicy (vanilla, mint) and then dry with notes of leather and tobacco. Long, dry finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

89 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1992 Vintage (Barrel #1), 45%

Amber chestnut color. Rich, sweet aromas of toffee, maple syrup, soft candied fruit, and molasses, balanced by an oaky dryness and subtle spice notes. Thicker and fuller in body than previous vintages, with a somewhat silky texture. On the palate, the whiskey begins smooth and sweet, with notes of maple syrup, toffee, and soft ripe fruit, gradually increasing in intensity as spice (vanilla, subtle mint) and oak notes kick in. Lengthy finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

89 points

Gordon & MacPhail (distilled at Strathisla) 40 year old, 40%

Deep amber color. Mature aroma-this is definitely an old whisky -with complex wood spices (cedar, vanilla, mint, caramel) and soft ripe fruit. Medium bodied and soft. Surprisingly balanced on the palate with an incredible depth and maturity. Its flavors are similar to its aroma, but a soft sweetness compliments the flavors and provides balance. Soothing, mellowing finish of considerable depth.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

88 points

Blackadder 12 year old (distilled at Laphroaig) 1988, 45%

Pale gold color. Bold aromas of sweet wort, seaweed, and peat bonfires. Medium bodied and slightly oily in texture. Malty sweet flavors up front, followed by peat and seaweed, then taken over by a huge rush of peat smoke that never seems to end. A sweetness stays with the whisky throughout to help balance the peat smoke.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

87 points

The Glenrothes, 1989, 43%

Amber gold color. Rich, honeyed malt in aroma. Quite floral, with subtle notes of dried fruit. Full, rich body. Very malty flavors, with notes of honeyed fruit up front, turning dry on the finish with notes of oak, vanilla, and dried fruit.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

86 points

Cadenhead's (distilled at Glenlivet) 12 year old, 60.5%

Amber gold color. Rather sweet aroma and flavors of caramel, light toffee, almonds, and vanilla. A background note of fruit (lemon? ripe cherries?) contributes to its complexity. Its body is somewhat rich and chewy. A dryness on the finish keeps the sweetness of the whisky in check.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)