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93 points

George T. Stagg 15 year old, 68.7%

Antique amber color. Thick, mature aromas of toffee, leather, candied fruit, and mint. The aromas are tightly bound at cask strength but open up with a bit of water to reveal spicy wood resins and a hint of tobacco. Thick, almost chewy in texture. Its flavors are similar to its aroma (and nicely balanced), with the sweeter notes (toffee, candied fruit) up front and the drier, more spicy notes (mint, wood resins, leather) beginning in the middle and continuing to its finish. A lovely balance of flavors and not one bit too old or woody.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2003)

92 points

The Macallan Cask Strength, 58.6%

Deep amber color with crimson hues. Incredibly rich aromas of fruitcake, toffee, dates, roasted nuts, with a hint of cocoa powder and other spices. Rich and thick in body. On the palate, there are evolving notes of chewy toffee, ripe fruit (oranges, golden raisons), chocolate covered nuts, multigrain toast, and polished oak. Long, soothing finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2003)

91 points

Bowmore 25 year old, 43%

Amber chestnut color. Aromas of rich sherry, ripe fruit, toffee, molasses, peat smoke, damp oak, and nuts. Medium to full in body. Its flavors start out rich and sweet, with sherried fruit, toffee, and dark chocolate. It then becomes drier with notes of peat, smoked nuts, seaweed and brine, ultimately finishing with notes of spice, bitter chocolate, and smoky smoldering embers. This is a new bottling of Bowmore 25 year old and an improved one at that. It is richer, fuller, and more balanced than its predecessor. A wonderful dram indeed. The 17 year old was my favorite of the standard Bowmore line. Not anymore.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2003)

90 points

The Glenrothes, 1979 Vintage, 43%

Amber color. Lush, rich aromas of rummy toffee, nuts, vanilla, with interwoven notes of glazed fruit. On the heavy side of medium in body, and silky. There are layers of sweetness on the palate (toffee, caramel, marzipan and dates), becoming nutty with a pleasing oak woodiness to balance the sweetness. Long, dryish finish with notes of spice and fruit.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2003)

89 points

Bowmore 1964 Vintage Fino Cask, 49.4%

Amber-gold color. Exotic tropical fruit aromas (citrus, melon, coconut), with interwoven notes of almonds, pear, honey, and subtle peat smoke. Light to medium in body, and very delicate in nature. On the palate, the whisky begins sweet (especially honey), followed by a basket of exotic fruit and nuts similar to its aroma, becoming drier and distantly smoky on the finish. This Bowmore Fino Cask, a whisky which has aged very well indeed, is the first of three limited edition 1964 vintage Bowmore whiskies to be released over the next year. The two to follow in 2003 have been aged in bourbon oak and oloros sherry casks.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2003)

85 points

Montgomerie's 13 year old 1989 Vintage (distilled at Macallan), 46%

Straw gold color. Aromas reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers, honey, soft fruit, and vanilla. Light to medium in body but mouth-coating. Honey, flowery fruit gum drop flavors, eventually turning dry and gently spicy, with a polished oak finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2003)