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93 points

Eifel Peated Single Malt (2019 Release), 46%

I’m calling this the pitmaster’s dram: the nose has muscular peat smoke, prune juice, savory notes of barbecued brisket bark, venison charcuterie, and a hint of peppermint cream. The palate is a gluttonous feast of sweet dark fruits, milk chocolate, dried fig, plum, sultanas, and ginger, sliding into baked orange and spicy gingerbread, and wallowing luxuriously in chocolate and rich fruit. A welcome addition to Eifel’s already impressive range. (1,200 bottles for the U.S.)

Reviewed by: (Winter 2019)

93 points

Eifel German Single Malt (2019 Edition), 46%

This latest unpeated vintage has aromas of maple syrup, peanut brittle, sesame snaps, aged balsamic, stretchy cherry taffy, toasted coconut, and snuff tobacco. It’s 6 years old, comprising a primary maturation in refill red wine barrels and a 2-year finish in cream sherry casks, producing a syrupy-textured dram with baked desserts of plum and orange, brown sugar, ginger pudding, vanilla, chocolate-covered nuts, and a burnt sugar finish. (2,400 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2020)

92 points

Eifel German Rye (2019 Edition), 46%

This is a colossal rye, the result of 2 years in first-fill and refill red wine barrels, and 2 years in malaga casks. The nose suggests a thick, velvety dram of dark rye bread, cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary, prune juice, sultana, and pecan pie, with herbal undertones. On the palate there is dark smooth toffee, stewed plum, bramble, and spun sugar stalked by ginger, pepper, and cinnamon. Oh, the Manhattans you will make. (2,400 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2020)

90 points

Eifel German Rye, 46%

A dark amber dram made from 90% rye yields a nose of chestnuts, mushroom consommé, earthiness, nutmeg, and clove. Dark berries dominate, with bramble, crème de cassis, black cherry, plum, and mixed peel, then chocolate, cinnamon, and nutmeg—a great autumnal dram after an invigorating walk in the countryside. Unique and confident whisky with an inky blue-fruit finish matched with dry and gentle spiciness. (3,000 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)

89 points

Eifel Single Malt, 46%

A decade ago, Eifel began to distill in the German grain-distilling tradition using a column still with a second pot still distillation. Named after a low mountain range in western Germany, this has a punchy nose of stewed apple and rhubarb, pepper, clove, ground ginger, and dried citrus peel, with hints of chocolate. Quite distinctive: stewed fruit, plum, peppermint, candied orange, and a finish of chocolate-covered mint candy. (3,000 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)