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89 points

10th Street American Single Malt, 46%

Most American single malts aren’t aiming to recreate the flavors of scotch, but this well-balanced whiskey made in San Jose could easily blend into an Islay lineup. Briny, with rubbery, mineral peat on the nose, along with lemon peel, Asian pear, red apple, grilled pineapple, and beach bonfire. The palate is sweet and savory, with salty peat, burnt ends, charred nuts, tobacco, lemon peel, and black pepper. It finishes nutty, with tobacco, espresso, pepper, and lingering smoke.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2019)

87 points

10th Street Distiller’s Cut Peated, 44%

Made using cuts that emphasize its peat and malt notes, this starts off with a nose of brine, seaweed, and iodine, but there’s a captivating, tempting tropical fruitiness too. On the palate, that tropical note shows up fleetingly as blueberry and pomegranate, with peat continuing to commandeer the ship into an ashy finish of coffee bean, black pepper, and dark chocolate. (1,200 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2020)

87 points

10th Street California Coast Blended, 42%

A blend of house-made single malt and sourced pot-distilled light whiskey. Sweet campfire smoke wends its way through grain, nut, and toast aromas, with hints of peppermint, vanilla, and milk chocolate. Smoke and sweetness interplay on the palate with vanilla nougat and smoked almonds. The abrupt finish comes off a bit hot, but is mouthwatering all the same. It’s enchanting, and a creative expression of smoke, at times evoking a smoky Toblerone bar.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2021)

86 points

10th Street STR Cask American Single Malt, 46%

Cooked malt, roasted chestnuts, and cigar box aromas mingle with caramel-nut clusters, brown sugar, grilled fruit, and new oak. It’s rich and roasty, with a velvety texture on the palate; the malt takes center stage, highlighted by bright citrus and herbaceous pine, as well as cooked fruit and hints of tobacco, with prominent oak flavors. Chocolate-covered candied orange peel and roasted nuts mingle with cigar on the finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2020)