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The Last Drop (distilled at Lochside) 1972 (Cask No. 346), 44%

A remarkable beauty from the Angus town of Montrose. The elegant nose shows a dram at peace with itself; golden syrup, hay bales, ground hazelnut, liquid honey, French baguette, High Mountain oolong, and rubbed spice blends. Refreshing palate of honey, toffee, citrus, honeycomb wax, and a profusion of sweet vanilla. Rich, sweet oak and deep pepper notes to finish. Truly a sublime and venerable grain. (106 bottles) £2,400

Reviewed by: (Summer 2017)

95 points

The Last Drop Distillers 50 year old Signature Blend Colin Scott, 47.2%

Mellow soft fruits, honey, and barley crispness, with fire-roasted marshmallow, caramel apple, orange-scented cedar balls, panna cotta, ground ginger, peppercorn, and chocolate on the nose. The palate opens with honey and creamy puddings, then a depth charge explodes, radiating sweet orange warmth, followed by soft ripe fruits, caramel, and barley sugar. Gentle oak and mouth-coating fruits finish this stunning composition. (500 bottles; 125 for the U.S.)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2021)

95 points

The Last Drop 50 year old, 50.9%

Would you have gambled The Last Drop 1960 liquid in new sherry wood for four more years? The indulgent nose proffers maple syrup, buckwheat honey, roasted spices, blue grapes, pomegranate, raspberry compote, cilantro, pandan leaf, and beefsteak juices soaking into mushroom gills. The complex, lustrous mouthfeel is replete with a sheen of rich maltiness, molasses lashed by sherry before a dry, resinous finish. Water brings an oily nuttiness, then further drops produce a silky, clingy texture. Glorious. Miraculous. Victorious. (388 bottles only)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2014)

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The Last Drop, 1960 vintage, 48 year old, 52%

A 12 year old blended whisky was created in 1972 consisting of 70 different malt whiskies and 12 grain whiskies.  The blend was then placed in three sherry casks, where it was matured for the next 36 years (highly irregular, to say the least).  The quality of the sherry casks is quite evident, as is the whisky's age.  There's substantial malt content here, too.  These three factors, along with the wide range of malt and grain whiskies, combine to create one of the finest blended Scotch whiskies I have ever tasted.  It's dark, mysterious, and enormously complex, with notes of molasses, fig cake, dried fruit, tobacco, dark chocolate, old pot still rum, and polished leather, finishing with lingering cinnamon and mint.  There's no sign of this whisky getting tired at all.  I am pleased they bottled it at natural strength and didn't water it down to 40% or 43% abv, which could have ruined it.
(Allocation information:  There's a total of 1.347 bottles, of which only 350 are being imported to the U.S.  They are available exclusively at Binny's Beverage Depot (Chicago), Park Avenue Liquors (New York), and Wally's (Los Angeles)).

Reviewed by: (Winter 2008)

93 points

The Last Drop 1971, 47.2%

It’s like someone just turned up the volume on flavor. Cherry fudge, marshmallow, vanilla pod, ristretto, luscious caramel, almond-topped Dundee cake, and wood spices. Dark, oily, and muscular, with burnished orange, clove, licorice, and burnt char. Sweetness brims over the tongue with apple, pear, and malted barley as it softens to a beautiful velvety texture. This whisky’s great journey is over. The baked apricot instigates an eternal finish (1,352 bottles, 300 for the U.S.)

Reviewed by: (Winter 2017)

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The Last Drop 50 year old Double Matured, 51.8%

TLD’s sixth release captivates with dark caramel, Brazil nut, polished oak, cacao, scorched earth, grilled field mushroom, and roasted coffee bean aromas. To sip is to submit to a discombobulating whirl of cherry and jellied black fruits replete with old sherry characteristics, replaced by an unctuous, oily base, torn asunder by seething spices of clove, pepper, and star anise. Ever-changing. Muted exit of dulled spice, browning apple, and eucalyptus. (898 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2017)

93 points

The Last Drop 56 year old, 47.2%

This release from independent bottler The Last Drop has a captivating aroma of dark toffee, cinnamon, Brazil nut, star anise, polished oak, vanilla seed, crème de cassis, and a wisp of smoke that shows more charred stave as time goes on. Peach and baked orange precede an early peak of spice and smoke, then sit back and swim in the soothing mélange of chocolate brownie, Whoppers, stewed apple, vanilla pod, oak, sultana, and plum jam. (732 bottles) Collectibles

Reviewed by: (Winter 2019)

91 points

The Last Drop Single Grain 1977 (distilled at Dumbarton), 48.4%

Fresh pear, grilled banana, chile oil, cardamom, brown sugar, oak sawdust, vanilla, snuff tobacco, and peppery crackers on the nose. Light vanilla and caramelized brown sugar, then mouth-drawing with apple and lemon peel. A spicy buildup spills into banana peel and banoffee pie; the mouthfeel gains weight over time. Smooth, sweet, caramel finish. (150 bottles) Collectible

Reviewed by: (Summer 2020)

91 points

The Last Drop 1965 Blend 48 year old, 48.6%

Originally blended, then recasked into fresh bourbon wood three decades ago, the nose of ripened peaches, cooked pear, pecan nuts, menthol, clove, and vanilla make for a compelling combination. A surprising lift of red summer fruits as this bright whisky sashays around the mouth, the complexity measured out in installments; plum sauce, toasted oak, coffee bean, gingersnaps, clove, licorice, and hints of savory juices. It dances on and on with the whirling wood spices in no hurry whatsoever. (592 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)