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90 points

Santis Appenzeller Cask Strength Peated, 52%

Two years ago I included this at a London whisky and music festival for 1,000 cool and trendy young music fans. This was the star of the show. When it says “peated,” it means sooty, charcoal-like church incense, with smoked meats and salami. It's intense, unforgettable, and not unlike a big smoky Swiss cheese. Up there with Balcones and Corsair, IMHO (that’s “In My Humble Opinion.” I'm down with the kids, you see). €55

Reviewed by: (Summer 2013)

88 points

Santis Alpstein IV Edition, 48%

Whisky Advocate is moving out into the unknown, turning over the rocks and discovering beautiful and unfamiliar creatures like this one. In tiny distilleries in Switzerland, Sweden, and, er, Swansea, they're throwing the rule book up in the air and creating new whiskies based on how it falls. This has spent four years in a beer barrel and then a year in a port cask, and it's fabulous. Think licorice, aniseed, and cherry-flavored soda. Then add cream, fruit…and yowza! €35

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87 points

Santis Malt Edition Germany, 48%

This is whisky made in a European style; don't expect scotch. Reset your taste buds, free your mind. This is 6 years old and spent five and a half of them in a beer barrel—the whisky is made from an award winning beer—and six months in a Merlot wine cask. It's fabulous. Honeycomb, creamy toffee caramel, European sappiness. It's slightly flabby, like an overfed but much-loved puppy. €35

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81 points

Santis Edition Dreifaltigkeit, 52%

If you're looking for a radically different tasting malt whisky to anything else you know, start here. This is all Christmas church incense, burnt treacle toffee, charcoal, and overdone barbecued meat. Weird? Multiply by five and you're getting there. But I took this to a two-day music festival for 25-35 year olds, and of the 20 world whiskies on show, this was one of the most requested. €62

Reviewed by: (Winter 2011)

80 points

Santis Edition Sigel, 40%

Why is it that so many great beer-producing European nations, many of them with Germanic roots, didn't progress to whisky making? Appenzeller brewery makes this malt using old beer casks, and they have softened the edges of the malt and given it a liquid honey frame around which woody-earthy notes and unripe dates create an intriguing mix. A long, long way from the Alps to the Scottish Highlands, but a lofty malt nevertheless. €45

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Santis Edition Santis, 40%

The least exciting or distinctive of the Santis range and in some ways the most Germanic and European, with a soft, sweet, and rounded taste that, depending on your point of view, is either flabby and ill-defined, or delightfully soft and cushion-like; the whisky equivalent of eating a milk chocolate bar with a honeycomb center. €32

Reviewed by: (Winter 2011)