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94 points

Russell’s Reserve 1998, 51.1%

This is the Wild Turkey limited edition bourbon we’ve been waiting for. Only 2,070 bottles exist. Deep amber hues and non-chill filtered, it opens up to straight-from-the-woods campfire smoke, caramel, vanilla, fresh-baked macaroon, leather, woodworking shop, and cigar box. But it’s not a smoke bomb or saturated in sweet; its delicate baking spices meet hatch chile, cinnamon, hints of mint and citrus. It finishes strong and long with a lingering caramel chew.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2016)

94 points

Russell’s Reserve 2002, 57.3%

Lovely aromas of warm banana bread with toasted nuts are met with oak and underlying savory notes of garden soil, mushroom, barnyard, and menthol that build layers of complexity. The flavor similarly melds sweet and earthy notes, as Bit-O-Honey and grape candy yield to zesty lemon, drying tobacco leaf, and polished oak tannins. The sweetness, perfectly permeated with earthy complexity, is totally captivating, made complete by a long and satisfying finish laced with spices.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2018)

94 points

Wild Turkey American Spirit 15 year old, 50%

A clean, well-rounded bourbon packed with flavor. Deep amber, with tinges of gold. Rich, silky aromas, with thickly textured, seamless flavors on the palate. Incredibly smooth, too, with interwoven notes of toffee, molasses, creamy vanilla, and candy corn. Underlying lush fruit, cinnamon, and fresh mint -- especially on the finish -- round everything out. Some of the previous “extra matured” Wild Turkey whiskeys have occasionally shown their age on the finish, being a little heavy on the oak. Not this one. Nicely done.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2008)

94 points

Wild Turkey Tribute 15 year old, 50.5%

A special bottling of Wild Turkey to celebrate Master Distiller Jimmy Russell’s 50 years of being in the bourbon business. Jimmy will be proud to be associated with this bottling. In many ways, this bourbon is a lot like Jimmy: mature, yet with plenty of spunk and character, and a pure joy to be with. This is a big, chewy, full-bodied bourbon with lovely sweet notes (maple syrup, molasses, caramel and candied fruit) balanced by dry spice notes (cigars aged in cedar, evergreen, polished leather). For bourbon drinkers who love intensity in their bourbon.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2004)

94 points

Wild Turkey 17 year old Master’s Keep Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 50%

Oak always leads the character of well-aged bourbon, sometimes dominating it, but here the balance is just right. The nose gives an impression of sweet syrupy fruit, like candied orange peel and cherries jubilee; there’s also creamy flan, dusty spice, cocoa powder, and leather bookbindings. Richly oaked and dense with flavor, the palate has dark chocolate, roasted walnuts, cola, black currant jam, and peppermint. It finishes generously with mint-flavored dark chocolate, blackberry jam, and coffee bean. Skip the water. (14,400 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2020)

94 points

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades, 52%

Wild Turkey often exhibits a delightful earthiness, and when earth meets sweet in whiskey, it’s a beautiful thing. Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades achieves a rich texture where deep-tilled soil, fresh-cut grass, and mushrooms meet leather and dark chocolate, followed by dill, oregano, and oak. Caramel and vanilla explode over a heavy dose of cinnamon. Master distiller Eddie Russell mingled barrels ranging from 10 to 20 years old in order to strike this balance and complexity. His method displays the potential of combining extremely old stocks into batches with younger barrels to build a great whiskey. Number 3 in the 2017 Top 20 

Reviewed by: (Winter 2017)

94 points

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Straight Rye, 56.1%

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof rye bottle. Rare Breed bourbon enjoys notoriety as a great value, and this new rye stands shoulder to shoulder with it. A gift for Wild Turkey fans from master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell, it’s not chill-filtered, making it even more full-bodied and rich. Zesty aromas of mint, eucalyptus, pine, and cedar chest mingle with sliced orange, candied strawberry, and sweet pecans on the nose, and that profile carries over into the nutty, spiced, herbaceous, and citrus-sweet flavors of the palate. With water the full spectrum of flavors—and the harmonious interplay of grain and barrel—reveal themselves, leaving an unforgettable impression of perfectly controlled power. Number 5 in the 2020 Top 20

Reviewed by: (Winter 2020)

94 points

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel-Proof Kentucky Straight Rye, 56.1%

Complex from the start, with a nose of roasted nuts and dark fruit—blueberry pie, grape jelly—along with bundled herbs, fresh-brewed iced tea, and weathered barn boards. Mint, cinnamon, pepper, concord grape jelly, peanuts, and black tea swirl on the palate, which is full and robust thanks to the absence of chill-filtration. Without water it finishes hot, but the oak, roasted nut, and tiramisu flavors help retain balance. Editors' Choice

Reviewed by: (Fall 2020)

93 points

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Cornerstone Kentucky Straight Rye, 54.5%

A delightfully complex nose of vanilla, hot cross buns and bakery shop, cherries, coconut, raisins, figs, licorice, old leather, and hay barn. A smooth, viscous palate offers lemon honey, fragrant oak, cigar ash, dark berries, and more coconut. Spicier notes emerge with water, while the finish offers rich smoothness, with spiciness, chocolate-covered coconut, tobacco, and bitter herbs. Lots of depth and complexity. A great whiskey to enjoy with a cigar.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2019)

93 points

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Decades, 52%

When earth meets sweet in whiskey, it’s a beautiful thing. Here, soil tilled deep, fresh-cut grass, and mushrooms meet leather and dark chocolate, followed by dill, oregano, and oak. Caramel and vanilla explode over a heavy dose of cinnamon. There’s more: apple fritters, spice, and saltwater taffy tingle the palate until the long finish introduces, for the first time, a hint of doughy pie crust. A must-have.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2017)

93 points

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel, 55%

From rickhouse G, floor 5, barrel 136 is a study in caramel. Layered in crème brûlée, salted-caramel cupcake, caramel brownie, caramel apple fritters, caramel popcorn, and the classic caramel chew. Then, complexity: chocolate truffles, nutmeg-dusted hot bananas, ginger ice cream, cinnamon-candied almonds, and warm povitica. It’s so creamy, so rich, and so unrelenting with masterful flavor that the powerfully long and caramel-forward finish is expected. Splendid, must-have sipper. (Lincoln Road Package Store exclusive)

Reviewed by: (Winter 2016)

93 points

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One, 50.5%

There’s a father-son dynamic at work between Wild Turkey’s two master distillers on this release—with the patriarch Jimmy Russell preferring 8 to 10 years of aging and son Eddie favoring the older stuff. The final blend thus combines 8 to 10 year old and 14 year old bourbons, and that blend was then finished in a mix of toasted and new charred oak barrels. Refined maturity becomes apparent on the first sip. It’s creamy and well spiced, with flavors of chocolate-covered marshmallow, caramel, cotton candy, and marvelous touches of aged tobacco leaf. This is a big whiskey that carries its age with grace and balance. Number 10 in the 2021 Top 20

Reviewed by: (Winter 2021)

92 points

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival, 50.5%

Driven by lovely maple syrup and sweet bread pudding, this is like waltzing into a bake shop serving up warm sticky buns—all bready sweet, spice, and dried raisins—laced with toasted oak. The body is delightfully rich and viscous, with a generous jolt of sweetness and spice that pours long and satisfying. The sweet maple, candied nuts, dried berries, and white pepper spice strike a wonderful balance.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2018)

91 points

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit (Barrel #98), 50.5%

A single barrel bottling from Warehouse N, rick number 1, bottled at the proof that Wild Turkey was designed to be. A deeply-woody spiced nose featuring cinnamon and caramel advertises a power punch whiskey, but on the palate there's no punch. Instead, it’s lush, round, and affable, with deep caramel and cinnamon co-mingling with peanut. The lush, sweet start is well-balanced by cinnamon spice, which ramps up and drives a long spicy finish. This is delicious whiskey. (Julio’s Liquors only)

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)

91 points

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep, 43.4%

A very pricy (for Wild Turkey) 17 year old whiskey honoring master distiller Jimmy Russell. Nose is hot for the proof, with oak, dried barrel drool, warm dried corn, tobacco barn, and teaberry. Entry is not hot; rather, a thread of sweet syrup spreads out into thoroughly integrated corn and oak. Finish slides into drier oak. A fascinating journey through bourbon flavors, this is both lighter and more complex than expected. I still prefer younger Wild Turkey, but…

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)

90 points

Wild Turkey Rare Breed, 58.4%

Cotton candy, marshmallows roasting over an open campfire, baked apples, and cornbread batter start a whiskey that then offers hints of caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and roasted pecans. Water opens it up to more nuanced fruit, spice, and sweetness. Without water, brown-sugar butter dominates about mid-palate and leads to a long finish. Dilution makes this a completely different whiskey experience.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2017)

89 points

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, 50.5%

An 8 year old from Wild Turkey’s Warehouse G, it’s classic Turkey on the nose, with a little spice, caramel, nutmeg, oak, and slight hints of lavender. Then sautéed barley, pecan shell, brown sugar, chewing tobacco, and bittersweet chocolate. An earthy oak note blossoms, with a layered caramel chew following this whiskey home to a medium finish. (Maisano’s Fine Wine and Spirits exclusive)

Reviewed by: (Spring 2017)

89 points

Wild Turkey Diamond, 45.5%

A marriage of 13 to 16 year old bourbons honoring master distiller Jimmy Russell’s 60 years at Wild Turkey. It is a more conservative Turkey compared to many of the previous limited-edition releases. But still, this is pleasant, with caramel and creamy vanilla intertwined with soft candied orange, cinnamon, polished oak, and a hint of evergreen. Nicely balanced, very approachable, but I would have preferred this at their signature 101 proof for added intensity.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2014)