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84 points

Lord Calvert Black, 40%

This is pipeline whisky made to be used in a Highball. That said, Lord Calvert is a solid blend to begin with and this beefed-up version makes all the right noises for cocktails or mixing with ginger ale. Sweet caramels, hot peppers, and hints of dry grain are bolstered by ripe dark fruits and spicy rye. This is simple, well-made whisky that shines best when mixed.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2017)

80 points

Lord Calvert Canadian, 40%

Sweet creamy toffee, with hot and spicy undertones, builds gradually to a peak then fades into classic bitter pith. Caramels mute the hardness of rye grain as it, too fades in advancing waves of gingery pepper. Definitely a mixing whisky now, Lord Calvert tells one and all that their cocktail was made with wood-aged whisky. Hints of grassiness and dry white wine add breadth to a whisky that in days long past was intended to be sipped neat.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2014)