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94 points

Old Fitzgerald 15 year old Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Fall 2019 Release), 50%

A rich aroma dominated by vanilla, pralines, and cola showcases well-integrated wood that smacks of tobacco, candied nuts, and dark chocolate. The palate is similarly rich, full, and sultry-smooth, with no perceptible alcohol heat, just heaps of brown sugar, seductive spice, and fine leather. The maturity and refinement here are lovely to behold—fruit, spice, and earth, draped over crystalline sweetness. Collectibles

Reviewed by: (Spring 2020)

93 points

Old Fitzgerald 11 year old Bottled in Bond (Spring 2018 Release), 50%

Fruit bliss. Filled with apple, pear, dried apricot, and peaches, it then offers floral and rich caramel notes. Chocolate fried pie, pumpkin pie, and vanilla custard follow over a creamy mouthfeel. Then nuts set in, including roasted almonds, salted walnuts, and pecans. Honey and malt appear toward the end for a long and wonderful finish with a light hint of cinnamon. Editor’s Choice

Reviewed by: (Summer 2018)

93 points

Old Fitzgerald 13 year old Bottled in Bond (Spring 2019 Release), 50%

The first of Old Fitzgerald’s semiannual releases for 2019. The nose offers vanilla flan, banana cream pie, and powdered sugar, but is also floral, with tropical notes of peach, coconut, and melon, all draped lightly in tobacco leaf. The palate is gentle, with maple syrup, marshmallow, milk chocolate, ripe peach, coconut, orange, and oak. A rich finish offers honey, chocolate, almond, toasted oak, and a hint of cigar. A pleasurable progression of flavors. Collectible

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)

90 points

Old Fitzgerald 9 year old Bottled in Bond (Fall 2018 Release), 50%

A somewhat tight nose, with cocoa, spiced oak, brown sugar, and saddle leather; water reveals vivid vanilla and a bit of banana. The initial honeyed sweetness and chocolate-covered peanut cluster flavors quickly get brushed aside by the tannic oak and searing spice. Drinks a bit hot and hurried—with Szechuan pepper heat before a jolt of citrus oil. (18,000 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Winter 2018)

83 points

Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond, 50%

Sharp nose, a bit of heat, fresh ground/cracked spices—cinnamon, pepper, allspice—and hot sugar about to caramelize. There’s nothing soft here. The first crash on the tongue isn’t soft either; it’s rushing bonded heat, insistent pepper, and dry oak. Wait a bit, and it calms as you finally find the corn and the mouth widens, then slides into a dryer, lasting finish. Pretty wild ride for a wheated bourbon.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2014)