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90 points

The English Single Cask Rum Cask (No. 0471), 57.8%

A heavily peated whisky finished in a single rum cask. Very smoky with a lot of heat, but a balanced depth. Quite meaty on the palate. Heather honey, supple leather, English peppercorn sauce, and salted vanilla wafers, with incense hanging in the air. Charred apple skins and red berry fruit keep this from being out of balance. Boysenberry, lavender, and smoke on the finish. Very forceful, but complex and intriguing. If beefeaters didn’t already have a drink, they’d probably drink this. (360 bottles; U.S. only)

Reviewed by: (Summer 2018)

89 points

The English Original, 43%

Malt barns, cornflakes, some sparse vanilla, redskin peanuts, citrus peel, and a dash of white pepper on the nose. The overall impression on the olfactory system is gentle and mild. A tasty prospect, with poached pear, vanilla ice cream, honeydew, peppery spices, ground almond, custard tarts, lemon zest, malt, and peanut brittle. A little tangy citrus, deep warmth, and vanilla to finish. Rather moreish. (480 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Spring 2018)

88 points

The English Whisky Co. “Lest We Forget” 1914 – 1918 Limited Edition, 45%

A creamy delight: rice pudding laden with swollen raisins, brown sugar melting on hot porridge (if this were scotch, it would be salt). It begins sweet, with a juicy fruitiness before a rodeo of spiciness bucks on the tip of the tongue. The texture is creamy and light but substantial enough to carry these big flavors. Dried lemon and double cream stretch out into a lengthy finish. A unique profile, but a fitting tribute. (1,499 bottles) £50

Reviewed by: (Spring 2015)

88 points

The English Smokey, 43%

This lives up to its name with leaf bonfire smoke, vanilla essence, and ginger preserves. Distiller David Fitt chooses malt peated to the same level as Port Ellen maltings delivers to Laphroaig. Assertive flavors of raw ginger, peppercorn, and chili flakes succumb to soothing vanilla cream and herbal notes. It leaves a creaminess on the lips and a mouth-coating finish of bonfire smoke and ground pepper. (480 bottles)

Reviewed by: (Spring 2018)

87 points

The English Whisky Co. Peated, 55.2%

There is wonderfully sweet smoke on the nose that overrides a base layer of fresh mint and mounds of velvety cocoa powder. Neat, there is a powerful alcohol kick, a harbinger of sweet purple berry fruits and brown sugar before it settles down as it dilutes with pools of calming milky cocoa and chocolate. Give this a good splash of water and it will reward you handsomely, unlocking extra layers of sweetness, fresh melon, and lime. (290 bottles, The Whisky Exchange only) £62

Reviewed by: (Summer 2016)

84 points

The English Whisky Co. Classic, 53.4%

A marvelous red British telephone box adorns the label. A nose of pulped lemon and lime, pineapple, hard candy, and Bramley applesauce certainly makes this a fruit-led proposition. It caresses the tongue with soft, boiled apples and lemon cake flavors, marking a crescendo in the perception of its strength; peaking with tropical fruits and touches of acidity pinching in from the periphery. Spicy heat, icing sugars, fig paste, and hints of bitterness round off the finish. (270 bottles, The Whisky Exchange only) £60

Reviewed by: (Summer 2016)

83 points

The English Whisky Co. Chapter 15 Limited Edition, 46%

Here, talented distiller David Fitt shows us his latest expression of heavily peated whisky. The nose has jalapeño and bell peppers, with pungent peat smoke that catches at the back of the throat. The smoke is sooty coal dust buoyed with some sweetness, but without a medicinal edge to the phenols. Sipping brought lemon bonbons, herbal elements, and some burnt toast character. It swells out in the middle before relenting, leaving a quenching, sweet finish and a smoky aura. £45

Reviewed by: (Spring 2015)

82 points

The English Whisky Co. Chapter 14 Limited Edition, 46%

Unripe pears, honeycomb, strawberry millefeuille, and vanilla custard. A light and pleasant expression, but it’s not the kind of complex dram that will hold your attention all night. This batch of unpeated 5 year old single malt from St. George was disgorged from just four American standard barrels, and the taste consists of waxy lemons, vanilla cream, and banana splits, with a growing caramel presence. A dry finish of light spices and sweet lemon. £45

Reviewed by: (Spring 2015)