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90 points

Dublin Liberties Keeper’s Coin 16 year old, 46%

Mandarin segments, ripening lime, brown sugar breakfast pastries, cardamom, star anise, marzipan, and seasoned oak on this triple-distilled Irish single malt. It’s fruity, sweet, full-bodied, and wonderfully rich thanks to the Pedro Ximénez finish. It glides from tangy orange to marmalade, with fruit-flavored hard candy, clove, and allspice. They’ve got this bang on. The spices shut down quickly on the finish, leaving baked peel flavors. €340

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)

89 points

Dublin Liberties Copper Alley 10 year old, 46%

Here’s a perfect example of a bourbon-matured whiskey lit up by a sherry finish; you can sense the toffee aromas swathed in dark sherry, yielding flavors of raisin and fig. A beautiful velvety texture with flavors of cherry, dark orange, rich notes of chocolate-dipped dark berries, toffee sweetness, and wood spices. When a bitter note creeps in, swallow and enjoy the short finish of currants and mixed peel.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2017)

88 points

Dublin Liberties Oak Devil, 46%

This blend of double distilled single malt and grain has bourbon cask and American oak written all over it. The allure of spice, vanilla cream, cedar sticks, malt, cinnamon, and banana chips draws you in. Burning brown sugar sweetness and vanilla toffee meet the snappy acidity from orange, lime, and pineapple goaded by pepper and cardamom bystanders. Undoubtedly a great session whiskey, so throw away the cork.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2017)

87 points

Dublin Liberties Murder Lane 13 year old, 46%

Darryl McNally’s killer new whiskey was finished in Tokaj casks and launched to coincide with the opening of their new distillery. Inhaling the volatiles evokes scents of lime, sugar-sprinkled puff pastry, sweet and sour plum, toasted oak, and Chinese five spice. The waxy mouthfeel, with cooked fruit, sweet vanilla, marzipan, orange, and plum, is silenced when the trigger is pulled on the pepper, allspice, and clove ending. Well-executed. €160

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)