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Crown Royal Noble Collection 13 year old Blenders’ Mash, 45%

This truly outstanding Canadian whisky is sold exclusively in the U.S. The Crown Royal blending lab has so perfected the art of blending that each whisky becomes a seamless unit. Blenders’ Mash is a rare opportunity to taste a component of that unit. Distilled from 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley, then matured in new oak, this whisky is massive and bourbon-like. It ages slowly in Canada’s cold winters for 13 years, becoming very complex, yet not too woody. Rather, it is packed with creamy caramels, vanilla, gingery white pepper, dark fruits, floral tones, and accenting barrel notes. Number 5 in the 2018 Top 20 

Reviewed by: (Winter 2018)