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Glen Moray 18 year old, 47.2%

The relentless upward march of prices for well-aged scotch is discouraging to veteran whisky drinkers and newcomers alike. At just $90, this lovely Speyside 18 year old hearkens back to the good old days of single malt. A warm, soft, and rounded whisky, with pleasing melon and apricot flavors, hints of dried hay and apple pie à la mode, and a backbone of peppery fruit and malt, Glen Moray 18 year old isn’t about bombast. It balances delicacy and strength rather than embracing raw power. Although it’s celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, Glen Moray isn’t very well known in the United States, but that may be about to change. Number 10 in the 2017 Top 20 

Reviewed by: (Winter 2017)