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92 points

Bulleit Blenders' Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Batch 001), 50%

The nose shows great maturity, with varnish, leather couch, black cherry syrup, dark chocolate, and wet walnuts. There’s a pleasant tartness to the palate, like just-ripe cherries, along with the richness of chocolate torte, blackberry jam, birch syrup, Concord grape jelly, and leathery oak. It finishes with lengthy cherry syrup, high-end dark chocolate, and more varnish and leather. Editor's Choice

Reviewed by: (Summer 2020)

91 points

Bulleit 10 year old, 45.6%

Earthy, leathery, and spiced, this bourbon shows nice maturity and polish, evoking a well-worn wood-paneled barroom. The flavors offer good intensity and concentration, striking a nice balance of sweet and savory notes, as spicy cedarwood and cigar box come draped in toffee. Water releases some vivid chocolate, vanilla cream, and clove-studded orange. Nice verve, fine balance, and evident maturity.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2018)

89 points

Bulleit Barrel Strength, 59.7%

High rye is evident, with rounded baking spices up front, leather, muted caramel, vanilla, and a hint of tobacco. This ABV beast coasts with the warmth and richness of crème brûlée, toffee, cinnamon rock candy, fruit, and nutmeg. Oh wait, there’s more. Smoke kicks in toward the end with marshmallow undertones and more cinnamon, finishing strong with lasting spice. This is a cask strength sipper or a lovely bourbon on the rocks.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2016)

88 points

Bulleit 12 year old Straight Rye, 46%

Time in the barrel is apparent here, with ample cedar, sawdust, and toasty oak sprinkled across caramel sweetness with a medley of herbal flavors, including licorice and basil. Generous on the palate, it serves up lots of clove and baking spices before the oak tannin sweeps in, leaving a very dry finish of bitter orange pith.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2019)

87 points

Bulleit Bourbon, 45%

Soft, elegant, and nicely rounded, with honeyed orchard fruit and gentle spice on a bed of vanilla and caramel. Very versatile; a pleasing, unchallenging bourbon to suit most moods and situations. I actually like it better than the new, older 10 year old expression (reviewed in this issue), because it is so beautifully balanced.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2013)

86 points

Bulleit 95 Straight Rye, 45%

The floral and violet candy notes on the nose suggest a younger rye, followed by fresh citrus, and a pronounced herbal quality that borders on vinyl, with primary grain aromas peering through like warm porridge. On the palate, it emerges a bit hot up front, on the thin side, as sweet vanilla, honey, and tropical fruit meet peppery spices, tinged with caraway and licorice. A solid, if somewhat simple sipper.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2019)