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95 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000 Vintage (Barrel No. 1), 43.3%

Very elegant, bright, and silky smooth, with honey-kissed summer fruits, subtle tropical fruit (papaya, coconut, pineapple), gentle caramel, sweet corn, and soothing vanilla, along with a dusting of cinnamon, nutmeg, and crisp mint. Pleasing, gently spicy finish. The most impressive aspect of this whiskey isn’t its variety of flavors (they are fairly traditional for a bourbon this age), it’s their integration and remarkable balance! It’s also perilously drinkable. I can’t speak for the other barrels, but if you can track down some bottles of Barrel No. 1, buy two! You won’t be disappointed. Let me also note what a great value this whiskey is, compared to the way other premium American whiskeys are being priced.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2010)

94 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1996 Vintage, 43.3%

The 11th annual vintage release of Evan Williams and, judging by the taste of this bourbon, there’s no shortage of excellent bourbon to bottle. This is a rich, seductive bourbon. Sticky toffee, maple syrup, and vanilla cream notes up front are followed by candied fruit, refreshing mint, and spicy cinnamon. Dry, resinous oak finish. Kentucky’s answer to a beautifully sherried Speyside single malt scotch. Outstanding!

Reviewed by: (Spring 2006)

93 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2005 Vintage (Barrel #292), 43.3%

Complex fruit (clementine, pineapple, golden raisin) balanced nicely with honey, vanilla custard, and dusty corn, along with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg. An extremely versatile whiskey with its medium weight, easy to embrace personality, and subtle charms. Perennially one of the best values in whiskey. Editor's Choice and Value Pick.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)

93 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel (Barrel No. 1) 2004, 43.3%

Polished and nicely balanced, with caramel as the main note, followed by candied fruit, soft vanilla, sweet corn, and nougat. Subtle spice (ginger, cinnamon) and gentle oak on the finish round out the sweet notes. Easygoing demeanor and very drinkable. Great value too! A very pleasing, versatile bourbon. Value Pick.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2014)

93 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 Vintage (Barrel No. 1), 43.3%

Silky smooth. Lush honey notes married with bright orchard fruit and candied tropical fruit. Soft vanilla, mint, and cinnamon round out the palate. Seamless and perilously drinkable. Proof that a bourbon doesn’t have to be old, high in alcohol, or expensive to be good. Editor's Choice & Value Pick

Reviewed by: (Spring 2013)

92 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1995 Vintage (Barrel #1), 43.3%

This year’s 1995 Vintage is another delicious treat. It is one of the most richly textured bottlings of the past ten vintages and its flavors meld seamlessly, combining layers of creamy sweetness (chewy toffee, butterscotch, and a touch of corn), spice (mint, vanilla, cinnamon), polished oak, vibrant fruit, and a dusting of cocoa and nutmeg.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2005)

92 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1990 Vintage (Barrel #1), 43%

Amber color. This particular bottling (and remember that single barrel bottlings vary slightly from one to another) expresses a potpourri of spices, accentuated with honey tones, toffee, oaky vanilla, and a hint of fruit. The flavors are perfectly balanced.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2000)

91 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2010, 43.3%

The dance begins in the open barley fields, with a gust of wind catching grain’s natural aromatic presence. Then cherry blossoms and roasted pine nuts tango for dominance, just before the core notes kick in: caramel chew, malt, cornbread, brown sugar, and chocolate, followed by hints of molasses, cardamom, and gingersnaps. As the finish lingers, it’s clear that this is sippin’ whiskey.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2018)

90 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1997 Vintage, 43.3%

A bright and lively bourbon. Nicely balanced, too, with notes of caramel custard, red licorice, orange marmalade, golden raisin, and coconut cream, underpinned by crisp rye and tantalizing cinnamon. A gently sweetish whiskey -- not cloying in any way. In fact, it’s very drinkable. And it’s a whiskey that demonstrates great harmony between youth and maturity.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2007)

90 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2007 Vintage (Barrel No. 724), 43.3%

Aged slightly more than 9 years. (The annual single barrel releases jumped last year from approximately 10 years old to 9 years old, with both a 2005 and 2006 vintage released in the same year.) A mélange of fruit (apricot, candied citrus, pineapple, golden raisin) spiked with fresh mint and cinnamon on a bed of caramel and vanilla. In true form, this bourbon is flavorful and well-rounded.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2016)

89 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2002 Vintage, 43.3%

Very straightforward and unassuming. Its greatest assets are its balance and drinkability, rather than its flavors. Lovely sweet notes (caramel, vanilla), orchard fruit, golden raisin, and spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, dusting of cocoa), leading to a smooth finish. Not the most distinctive or complex of the single barrel releases, but just a joy to drink. In fact, this is almost too drinkable. It’s a whiskey I feel would show better at a higher strength (say, 45% or even 50%).

Reviewed by: (Spring 2012)

89 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1992 Vintage (Barrel #1), 45%

Amber chestnut color. Rich, sweet aromas of toffee, maple syrup, soft candied fruit, and molasses, balanced by an oaky dryness and subtle spice notes. Thicker and fuller in body than previous vintages, with a somewhat silky texture. On the palate, the whiskey begins smooth and sweet, with notes of maple syrup, toffee, and soft ripe fruit, gradually increasing in intensity as spice (vanilla, subtle mint) and oak notes kick in. Lengthy finish.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2002)

89 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1994 Vintage (Barrel #1), 43.3% ABV

This is an elegant whiskey with lots of finesse. Its primary flavors are vanilla, mint, and candied fruit. A touch of honey, light toffee, slight nuttiness, and rum notes round out the palate. Very clean, with a pleasingly dry finish. And nicely rounded too! Each year’s vintage is slightly different. Some have been quite rich and full in texture. This one is more subtle and teasing-and it’s one of the better ones.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2004)

89 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2001 Vintage (Barrel #1), 43.3%

While last year’s vintage was a more delicate expression of Evan Williams, I loved it for its elegance, charm, and balance (and gave it a 95 rating). This one is darker in flavor and bolder, with more caramelized sugars (caramel, toffee, maple syrup) along with some underlying fruit. It’s also drier, spicier, and with more wood influence (resin and polished leather). It still maintains its balance on the nose and majority of the palate, but with more wood on the finish than I would prefer to rate it in the 90s. (One more thing to consider: it’s a single barrel bottling and no two barrels are alike.) Value Pick

Reviewed by: (Spring 2011)

88 points

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2009 Vintage, 43.3%

Floral and minty on the nose, with dusty cedar chest and earth over red and yellow apple. The palate offers a decent concentration of flavors, with citrus oil, apricot, and mouthwatering juiciness. It’s nicely layered and well-balanced, but short on the finish. This whiskey has ranged widely over the years, and as a single barrel selection your experience may vary.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2018)

87 points

Square 6 Kentucky Straight, 47.5%

Distilled at The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Louisville. The nose is vegetal, grassy, and youthful, with new leather, lead pencil, seaweed, lime peel, and with water added, blueberry pancakes. There’s more fruitiness on the palate, which is creamy with plenty of heat and notes of raisins, molasses, and dried herbs. The finish is short and briny, with new wood alongside hints of chocolate and blackberry. Well-constructed if a bit hot and wood-forward.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2021)

86 points

Evan Williams 1783, 43%

It begins with notes of brown sugar, Nutter Butter, hazelnut, nutmeg, and vanilla, with hints of roasted nuts. They’re pronounced and rounded, with secondary and tertiary notes introducing malt, cornbread, and salt water taffy. The medium finish offers a hint of bacon bits.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2018)

86 points

Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, 50%

Some bourbons are balanced or complex; this is an all-around versatile pour with initial notes of lightly toasted oak, brown sugar, and butterscotch. A fun maltiness, concentrated caramel, and slight hints of cinnamon and watermelon Juicy Fruit hammer home its sipping potential, but its short to medium finish suggests that it’s more suited for cocktails. But hey, why not both?

Reviewed by: (Fall 2017)