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88 points

Old Overholt Bonded Rye, 50%

Initial aromas of toasted nuts, nougat, and pistachio. Water releases cedar and sandalwood along with citrusy grapefruit notes. The palate is both earthy and sweet, with dried flowers, leather, and hazelnut. The medium finish offers a nice balance of classic rye flavors including baking spice, lavender, and zesty citrus. Best Value

Reviewed by: (Spring 2019)

86 points

Old Overholt Straight Rye, 40%

A veteran rye whiskey brand that flaunts the floral quality of younger ryes with its summer flowers, bright citrus, and lemon oil notes. A well-polished palate, with warm porridge, and grain notes that smack of peanut butter on warm toast. Nice character and balance, if a touch anemic at this proof.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2019)