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89 points

Chattanooga 111 Proof Straight (Batch 19G19R), 55%

A hint of caramel corn, along with nutmeg, oak char, blackberry jam, and earthy notes of wet clay and tea leaves. The palate has loads of spice, black tea, and a subtle earthiness. The finish brings on chile-pepper heat, bitter chocolate, burnt walnut, cooked cherries, and light herbaceousness. Very unusual, successfully venturing outside the box, with a deft mix of sweetness, chocolate, earthiness, and spice.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2020)

88 points

Chattanooga 111 Proof Straight Bourbon (Batch 19J03E), 55.5%

Grainy on the nose, with butterscotch haystacks, strawberry lollipop, sugared pineapple, mango, dried kiwi, and grape soda. Without water, the palate is crowded with oak, peppery heat, and cocoa; add a bit, however, and there’s room for sweet plums and cherries, grape jelly, butterscotch, and chai spices, finishing with dry oak, peanuts, licorice, and tobacco. Made with the distillery’s signature “Tennessee high malt” mashbill, which includes corn, malted rye, and two types of malted barley.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2020)