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90 points

Johnnie Walker Sweet Peat, 40.8%

Created by blender George Harper, who worked on White Walker, this has nutty toffee, coffee grounds, caramelized sugars, roasted hazelnut in chocolate, an appreciable grain note, plus the titular gentle sweet peat smoke. Toasted oak, chocolate praline, sweet runny caramel, coffee, and a catch of smoke dissipate to leave the smooth flavor of creamy toffee penny candy. An uncut diamond with great potential set against the brilliance of Black Label. £30

Reviewed by: (Spring 2019)

88 points

I.W. Harper 15 year old, 43%

Diageo has “brought I.W. Harper home” after years of absence from the U.S. market with this bottling and a base bottling (see below). The source is “new” Bernheim, but with a different mashbill from the base; this is 86% corn. Nose is warm corn and oak, with some spicy clove and cinnamon notes. Great medium-weight body and balance, palate repeats the nose, oaky-sweet finish; well-integrated whiskey. But my eyes pop at the price.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

83 points

I.W. Harper, 41%

The base bottling of the “new” I.W. Harper from Diageo. Source is “new” Bernheim; no age given. Nose is simple: hard candy and corn. A fairly simple and somewhat thin mouth as well: sweet, with hints of ripe melon and apple, and an edge of oak dryness. Finishes well, with a cleanly sweet spiciness. Table bourbon, though a bit pricey for that.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)