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Midleton Very Rare 30th Anniversary Pearl Edition, 53.1%

A marriage of a single cask of grain from 1981 with a cask of pot still from 1984 to celebrate 30 years of Midleton Very Rare, the job undertaken masterfully by Barry Crockett and Brian Nation. The expressive nose is redolent of polished antique violin, warm gingerbread, the herbal tinges pricked by spices. Delicate honey, rich vanilla, toasty oak, and tendrils of cinnamon segue into a dry, spicy conclusion. La Peregrina of Irish whiskey. Ain’t she a beauty? (117 bottles) €6,000

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)

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Midleton Very Rare 2018, 40%

Each MVR vintage has its own character, and the latest version has a sweet motif coddled in a soft, fruity bounty. Orange tartlets, white pepper, cantaloupe, nectarine, pear, malt, and rounded oak greet the nose. Honey and caramel with citrus, pulped fruit, and spice, before a sweeter phase of tablet, toffee, and vanilla flavors on the palate. Spices only nibble at the sweet and comforting finish. Collectible

Reviewed by: (Spring 2019)

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Midleton 175th Anniversary Bottling 26 year old, 40%

Deep amber color with shade of ruby. Sweet aromas of ripe fruit, oak, caramelized sugar, rum, and creamy vanilla. Full in body for an Irish whiskey, with a silky, creamy texture. Voluptuous flavors of burnt sugar, rum, honeyed fruit, creamy vanilla, and spice cake.Here's a whiskey the blends the old with the new. The whiskey was distilled at the old Midleton distillery, which has been dismantled. After spending most of its life in sherry and bourbon casks, it was then finished off in port pipes. It maintains its Irish-ness, its pot still character is both satisfying and reassuring, and the port pipe aging introduces flavors that make the whiskey very intriguing. An outstanding product! Around 400 bottles for the United States.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2001)

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Midleton Very Rare 2019, 40%

A classic with its nose of toffee, vanilla, treacle tarts, and fragrant pot still spices. Initially, flavors of green apple, red fruits, toffee, nimble spices, caramel, and vanilla before a minty master class: rubbed mint leaves become peppermint, developing into After Eight mints, then cool mints. Taste for a minute or more for the full experience. The smooth finish has clove, pepper, and bitter dark chocolate. Collectibles

Reviewed by: (Spring 2020)

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Midleton Very Rare 2014, 40%

Make way. The nose is dense, oily, and mesmeric. There’s vanilla, sure, but it’s the intense aroma of vanilla pods split and scraped at knifepoint. Woven around it, there’s crème caramel and heavier cinnamon flaring at the margins, softening with dilution, but remaining sweet. The first Midleton to carry master distiller Brian Nation’s name is purposeful and assured, lacking some of the sappiness of the 2013 release. This is less about succession, more an emphatic statement of intent.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2014)

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Midleton Very Rare 2017, 40%

This year’s edition contains some of the oldest whiskey they’ve ever put into Very Rare. A pronounced spicy nose, with sweet barley, dried apple, crisp grains, sweet baklava, and squishy cubes of rose-scented Turkish delight. In the mouth, it’s incredibly smooth and glossy; quite honeyed, subtle soft fruits, raspberry, apple, mixed peel, butterscotch, baked orange, and a hearty spice core. A creamy finish, where the spices outlast the fruit.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2018)

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Midleton Very Rare 2016, 40%

This year’s liquid missive from head distiller Brian Nation has a nose of caramel, macaroons, and beeswax with green, grassy notes. The first sip evokes barley sugar, which grows into a citrus glow, nourished by some green oak and a little white pepper. It has lovely poise this year, effortlessly lighter on the tongue than the 2015 or 2014 creations. The conclusion is slightly nutty with soothing oak.

Reviewed by: (Spring 2017)

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Midleton Very Rare 2003 Vintage, 40%

Named for the distillery of the same name, and where many other well-know Irish blends are produced (including Jameson, Powers, Paddy, and Tullamore Dew). This is the distillery’s ultra-premium blend offering. The whiskey is somewhat shy and bashful in personality (when compared to its pure pot still siblings like Redbreast and the quite rare Jameson 15 year old) and really takes some patience to appreciate its subtle beauty. Sweet notes of honeyed malt and vanilla up front, with a hint of marshmallow and summer fruits. The palate eventually dries out nicely and deepens, evolving into a medley of subtle spice. Very drinkable.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2005)

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Midleton Very Rare 2015, 40%

Master distiller Brian Nation is really getting into his stride now. This vintage has creamed coconut, Jersey milk, vanilla desserts, crystallized jellies, fresh orange peel, and dry spices. To drink it is to celebrate American oak; creamy, golden, polished, with peach, honey, sherbet, sugars, butter frosting, sponge cupcakes, almond biscuits, and Quaker oatmeal squares. Spices are reactivated at the swallow. You have a whole year to enjoy this until the next one arrives. Really, there’s no excuse.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2015)

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