Archive: Cocktails

The Pandorica Opens

This peat-forward scotch cocktail captures the transition from summer to fall in a single glass.

Falling in Love

This bourbon and chai cocktail not only tastes like fall, but looks the part too.

The Late Harvest

Go from your bar to the Blue Ridge Mountains with this cranberry-centric rye cocktail.

Empire Line

Pear, allspice, and vermouth mix with blended scotch in a rich cocktail that’s perfect for fall.

Charming Man

You don’t have to be a scotch fanatic to cozy up to this cocktail, which also includes warm spices and cider.

Batista’s Exile

This spicy, sweet rye cocktail includes squash and sweet vermouth making it perfect for fall.

Chocolate Flip

A winning combination of whisky and chocolate, this cocktail features big flavor up front with a crisp finish.

North of Liberty

This rye whiskey-based recipe includes vermouth and citrus juice to create a harmonious cocktail.

Manzo Derby

A refreshing variation on a familiar rye whiskey cocktail, this drink is summer in a glass.


Try this interpretation on the classic three-ingredient bourbon cocktail, designed to get the appetite going.