Archive: Cocktails

Rye Iced Coffee

Need an eye-opener? Try this mix of rye and cold brew coffee, rounded out with absinthe and chocolate bitters.

Gentleman’s Scofflaw

Peppercorns and peaches mingle in this refreshing summer cocktail created for Basil Hayden’s rye.

Rye Whiskey Bramble

This variation on the classic cocktail, created for Basil Hayden’s rye, replaces gin with whiskey.

Wake & Bake Julep

This coffee-tinged Julep variation won the 2017 Uppers & Downers Cocktail Competition.

Near Eastern Julep

In this recipe, the traditional Julep swaps in basil for mint and gets a spicy kick from Becherovka liqueur.

Sparkling Cherry Julep

Add some bubbly pop to your Julep with this variation from LouVino in Louisville, Kentucky.

Butchertown Julep

Swap out bourbon for brandy and add a splash of amaro in this Mint Julep variation.

The King is Dead

Irish single malt whiskey combines with fruity liqueur and savory Earl Grey tea for a harmonious cocktail.