Archive: Distillations

Two frozen coffee drinks sit in front of some coffee beans.

Irish Frappé

Turn your Irish Coffee into a smoothie with this smooth, refreshing blender drink.

Two creamy cocktails next to each other.

Swede’s Slushie

Whisky, blackcurrant liqueur, lemon juice, and orgeat combine in this cocktail, which is easily made in a blender.

The Killing Joke

Rye combines with citrus, vermouth, and ginger spice to create a floral and tart slushie cocktail.

Fruta Fresca

Pull out the blender for this refreshing scotch-and-watermelon cocktail.

A jar of peanuts is spilled out on a table next to a glass of brown liquid.

How to Pair Whisky and Nuts

Pecans, almonds, and more pair well with many different styles of whisky—giving you the opportunity to go nuts!