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A cocktail garnished with a pear slice and spices, alongside a bundle of cinnamon sticks, pears, and star anise, resembling the Bucky Barnes cocktail rests upon a gray surface.

Bucky Barnes

Luscious persimmons and a bounty of spices pair with bourbon in this punch cocktail that can be served chilled or hot.

A bowl of Galway Cider whisky punch, garnished with apple, jalapeño, and lemon slices, rests on a white surface next to two punch-filled glass cups with a serving spoon.

Galway Cider

Ginger and jalapeño add sweet-and-spicy zing to silky Irish whiskey in this mulled cider that’s delicious whether sipped hot or cold.

A cocktail garnished with fresh mint resembling The Howdie's Dram whisky punch rests atop a wooden surface, next to more fresh mint.

The Howdie’s Dram

Highland single malt joins piquant sherry, Bénédictine, spearmint, and Angostura bitters in this warming holiday punch cocktail.

A cocktail garnished with a cinnamon stick and apple slice resembling the Brandied Rye and Apple Punch cocktail rests on a wooden board next to more apples and cinnamon sticks.

Brandied Rye and Apple Punch

Subtly floral Canadian rye, along with apple, sparkling wine, and freshly grated cinnamon, shine in this elegant punch cocktail.

Smokin’ Grass

Lemongrass and scotch make an unlikely but rewarding pair in this large-format cocktail.

Honey Rush

Inspired by its creator’s Venezuelan heritage, this cocktail uses Japanese whisky and rich honey flavors.

Pechey Keen

This large-format whiskey cocktail is a crowd-sized highball.