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A Collins glass containing what appears could be blended scotch, gin, ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a lime wedge, rests on a wooden surface next to a jigger, more lime, and another glass.

Suffering Bastard

This summery cocktail, featuring blended scotch and navy strength gin, is well-balanced and easy to make.

A Collins-type glass containing crushed ice and what appears could be the ingredients in a Long Pig cocktail—blended scotch, orgeat syrup, fresh lemon juice, garnished with a mint sprig and a dash of bitters, and a bright yellow-orange straw—rests atop what appears to be a dark stone-like surface next to a metal jigger and more mint leaves.

Long Pig

Nutty orgeat, fresh mint, and lively lemon give this easy-to-make blended scotch cocktail a tiki vibe.