Take Your Next Whisky Party From Average to Amazing With These Bar Ideas

As you’re planning the ultimate whisky party, consider the importance of the bar. Much more than a cluster of random bottles, a great home bar is the ultimate expression of your passion. These whisky-themed entertaining bars put craftsmanship, origin, flavor, and quality on display in ways that will leave even non-whisky drinkers star-struck. Share your love of whisky by replicating one or more of these theme bars, and create memories that will live on long after the last glass has been emptied.

Create a New Old Fashioned

Put your twist on a whisky classic by tweaking one, or several, of the base ingredients.

Build the Old Fashioned Bar

Whisky Jet-Setting

Taste an array of world whiskies in a single night. No passport required.

Build the World Whisky Bar

Scotch Flavor Finder

Explore the nuances of scotch flavor and find your perfect dram.

Build the Scotch Flavor Bar

Bourbon and Cigars

From mild to bold, discover the ideal match for your smoke.

Build the Bourbon and Cigar Bar

90+ Whisky Bar

Sample the best of the best according to the Whisky Advocate Buying Guide.

Build the 90+ Whisky Bar

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