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WhiskyWeek Chicago

During the first week of November 2021 we are having some very special Whiskey related events to coincide with The Whisky Advocate’s Whiskyfest Chicago at the Chicago Hyatt Regency. We are focusing our week this year with a Whiskey 101 class presented by Delilah’s owner Mike Miller and an unprecedented Japanese Whisky tasting – all of our events are free to attend.

Wednesday, November 3


Delilah’s Whiskey 101
Where: DELILAH’S  |  2771 N. Lincoln  |  Chicago, IL 60614  |  (773) 472-2771
Delilah’s owner Mike Miller leads a discussion of the basic variables that differentiate and connect the various Whiskies of the World.  Bourbon, Scotch and Irish Whiskies will be tasted, as well as, the tasting of associative Sherry wines and the discussion of other International Whiskies.  This event is free to attend and is being held from 7-9pm at the upstairs bar. Part of our Whiskey Week event schedule.

Thursday, November 4


The Whiskies Of Japan!
Where: DELILAH’S  |  2771 N. Lincoln  |  Chicago, IL 60614  |  (773) 472-2771
Join us for this unprecedented tasting of Whiskies from Japan.  This will be the most comprehensive sampling of Japanese Whiskies ever held in America!  We will be presenting multiple Whiskies from more than 30 Japanese distillers and producers – around 50 Whiskies to learn about – including Whiskies from : Akashi, Akkeshi, Fuji, Fukano, Gyokusendo, Hakushu, Hatozaki, Ichiro’s, Kaiyo, Kanosuke, Kikori, Kamiki, Kujira, Kura, Kurayoshi, Mars, Matsui, Miyagikyo, Nikka, Nobushi, Ohishi, Sasakawa, Shibui, Shinobu, Suntory, Taketsuru, Tenjaku, Togouchi, Tottori, Umiki, Yamazaki, Yoichi ++  So come by and join us as we taste through and explore this exciting Whisky region!!!  This event will run from 7-9pm in the whole bar and it is free to attend.  Part of our Whiskey Week event schedule.

Friday, November 5


Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest After Party
Where: DELILAH’S  |  2771 N. Lincoln  |  Chicago, IL 60614  |  (773) 472-2771

Delilah’s is very pleased to once again be hosting the official Whisky Advocate WhiskyFest After Party.  With many special guest distillers in attendance!!! 10pm

Order tickets by phone at 800-210-0689.
$4 service fee per ticket.