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88 points

Pendleton 20 year old Directors’ Reserve (2017 Release), 40%

Joining the core Pendleton lineup, with a new edition expected each September. Past releases of Director’s Reserve have been irregular, perhaps because a local rancher killed the buzz when he bought the entire first batch nearly a decade ago. A luxuriously creamy body coats your palate with mild vanilla, butterscotch, restrained white pepper, and nutty plum pudding. Pencil shavings punctuate a medium finish. Less complexity than its age predicts.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2017)

86 points

Pendleton 1910, 40%

Slaty minerals, fruitiness, and floral hints on the nose suggest plenty of rye in this satisfying, complex dram. More mineral notes emerge on the crisp, sweet palate, along with citrus elements, burley tobacco, hints of wine, dark chocolate, mild vanilla, and subtle oak. A soft peppery spice bursts onto the mid-palate and throat. A bit austere but with toffee sweetness and mild fudge. Mouth-filling, though a bit dry.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2019)

85 points

Pendleton Midnight, 45%

Beginning with dried orange peels and steely rye that smells like a creek bed, the nose slowly develops light fruit, caramel, and vanilla fudge. Finally, pears, sweet plums, and raspberries emerge. On the palate, Midnight erupts into glowing hot spices, citrusy sweetness, dark fruits, candied ginger, and mildly grassy prairie sage. The heat and sweetness build into plummy sweet and sour sauce with vague hints of barrel notes. The long finish is unusually spicy.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2015)

83 points

Pendleton 10 year old Blended Canadian Whisky, 40%

Fruity on the nose and palate (orange peel, lime, lemon, pineapple). Very smooth and creamy, too, with notes of vanilla and a touch of honey. Underlying brittle mint, delicate floral notes, and even a hint of sandalwood gives the whisky some dimension. Very clean and nicely rounded. The problem with many Canadian whiskies is that they are too harsh when young, but get too woody when aged for ten or more years, because they are too thin in body to stand up to the oak. This one has matured nicely while still maintaining good balance and drinkability.

Reviewed by: (Winter 2005)

82 points

Pendleton, 40%

A U.S.-only Canadian blend, bottled in Oregon. Rich toffee and caramel aroma with cashews and some dry cocoa. An easy entry, with sweet, light, but coating caramel, a keening note of young blending whisky, some cedar shavings, and a sweet finish that manages not to cling. Simple and sweet, practically pining for a bubbly mixer, but not bad for dessert, either. Quite typical of the category.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)