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89 points

Ardbeg Drum, 46%

This Ardbeg Day 2019 bottling was aged in bourbon barrels before a period of finishing in rum casks. Characteristic Ardbeg citrus and smoke on the nose, but with the addition of green figs, eucalyptus, antiseptic, and brine. Very smooth on the palate, with woodsmoke, mango, and papaya. Big peat and black pepper notes in the finish, underscored by tangy citrus. Ultimately, ashy smoke.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2019)

88 points

Johnny Drum Private Stock, 50.5%

Plenty of color, and the nose says it ain’t lying. Sharp warehouse oak aroma puts an edge on an authoritative nose of honey, Indian pudding, spicy hard candy, and old-fashioned root beer, the not-too-sugary kind. Fiery and bold on the tongue as oak roars from start to finish, but the sweetness builds sip-by-sip: cornbread, buckwheat honey, King syrup, and a teasy bit of citrus peel. Long finish as the oak dies down. At this price, let’s keep it our secret. Sourced whiskey.

Reviewed by: (Fall 2015)

77 points

Two James Johnny Smoking Gun (batch 3), 43.5%

“Smoked” with a maceration of Lapsang Souchong tea (which leaves some fine sediment). Thickly sweet and herbal nose in a ruddy whiskey; like a sweetened, aged genever. On the palate, this 70% 7 year old MGP corn, 30% unaged Two James rye is woody and ash-bitter in the core, with a wrapping of that sweetness. The herbal character saves it from the squabble between sweet and bitter, but it comes off more as a tonic than a whiskey.

Reviewed by: (Summer 2015)